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Over 5 years of combined social media marketing & content experience

Brett Anthony Ely, Owner & Digital Marketing Specialist


Brett is a Stamford-born digital marketing professional founding Right Brain Advertising in 2016 while still in college. Earning his bachelors in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising, Brett gained corporate experience out of school working as digital marketing manager for a multinational beauty company.

Throughout school and working a full 9 to 5, Brett managed to accumulate a large portfolio and acquire independent clients on the side, scaling Right Brain from the ground up. Now running the agency full time, he ensures satisfaction for each and every client.

Born and raised in Stamford, CT, Brett takes pride in being able to help local businesses grow through social media advertising. Aside from marketing, he enjoys spending time with friends & family, exercising, and grabbing the occasional cocktail.

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Who are we?

Right Brain Advertising is a Social Media Marketing Agency based out of Stamford, Connecticut. We offer unique digital marketing services designed to drive high-quality results at low costs. Recognized as Right Brain for our use of creativity, our content is focused on making brands stand out against the clutter online. As the need for social media increases, we take pride in being able to help businesses remain true to their core values while assisting them in the shift from traditional to digital marketing. 

The agency formed with two college students helping local businesses manage their social media pages as a way to help pay off their student loans. Realizing the value and increasing need for social media marketing in the business world, the concept of a full-scale agency became much more prominent. 

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