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See why Instagram Reels are dominating the social media marketing space

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In 2022, short-form video content has become increasingly essential for marketing strategies. These videos are typically 6-60 seconds, easily-consumable and if done correctly, very impactful for business. We've all seen them. The TikToks, the dancing trends, the simple yet addicting content that grew so popular since the start of the pandemic. Now, you may see even more social media platforms adapting to this format. Instagram Reels. YouTube Shorts. Even Snap has rolled out their Snap Spotlight videos. There is a reason for this shift, as well as a reason to believe it won't be going away any time soon.


Short-form videos are a way for brands and creators to showcase content in a new way, share information, or convey messages. They are a more creative way of communicating that's meant to excite and inspire people. They can be used strategically in marketing content to capture the emotions of viewers and personalize a brand. Consumers personally engage with your brand through these videos. They've proven beneficial as they:

  • High Levels of Engagement

  • Digestible Information

  • Better SEO Results

  • Easier Content Repurposing

  • It Yields Good ROI

Many local businesses or personal brands may be overwhelmed with the thought of having to create videos. Many of my clients were in a similar situation when we started with them. Not knowing where to start, what content to produce, or how to edit a video into an actual post you feel will be effective online. It can be time-consuming, stressful, and draining for many. Why should business owners & brands spend valuable time & energy on recording & editing videos when they could be focusing on doing what they do best and serving their customers. 

Want to get ahead of the competition and start promoting your business in a fun, yet effective method? Reach more people in your niche, higher engagement rates on your social media pages, and content that leads to actual conversions? 

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Brett Anthony, Author, Owner & Content Creator

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