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Case Studies

Our services have produced exceptional results for our clients. The ads we create are optimized to bring you quality results for low costs

We've been able to get our clients hundreds of leads for as low as $1-$2 per lead based on a monthly ad spend of $500/month

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Case Study #1

Seeking investors on a property, Brandon spent $250 on ad spend for a lead generation campaign and received:

  • 196 Investor Leads

  • 1245 Link Clicks

  • Reached 22,000

  • For an average of $1.28 per lead

  • All done in one month

Outcome: Property was purchased and flipped

Case Study #2

Seeking renters on a vacation home in Martha's Vineyard, MJ spent only $75 on ad spend and got 63 leads in ONE week:

  • Leads for as low as $1.19 

  • Increased awareness & relationships built for future stays

  • Huge spike in page engagement

Outcome: Property booked the next day

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Our goal is to get you the lowest cost per result and the highest return on your ad spend. Stop wasting countless ad dollars on ineffective marketing, contact us and get similar results today!
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